Embracing the Process

Two Caring Hands

Step 1: Family Meeting

We begin with a personal meeting to familiarize you and your loved one's needs and desires. You may ask us questions and help us to understand your lifestyle preferences.

Next, we check the availability of your preferred locations. We will only recommend accommodations that we have viewed in person, fully researched, and meet our high standards. We will only recommend accommodations that meet your needs and desires.

Step 2: Touring Your Preferred Options

We schedule tours of your top three or four options and will gladly accompany you on the tours. This is one of the important ways that we are unique from other services. We will take notes, share our observations, and explain options. During the tours, we will take notes and assist with the questioning and inquiry process and assist with the comparison of details from each community.

Two Caring Hands
Two Caring Hands

Step 3: Calculating the Cost, Getting Your Loved One Settled, and Follow Up Services

A medical assessment will be done to determine the level of care and cost of care. We will continue to assist you in relocating your loved one. We will conduct a follow-up visit within one month of placement to ensure it is still the right fit.